MTSS Parent Information

Crestview Elementary School believes in providing the highest quality of education for every student. To meet this goal, we have adopted a three-tiered approach to instruction. This process, known nationally as MTSS or Multi-Tier system of support and has gained attention when federal law established these practices as an approach to identify and provide early intervention to struggling students. Each tier provides additional support beyond the core curriculum. Students needing supplemental instruction/intervention will be monitored frequently to ensure students meet grade level expectations. Students will continue to participate in the core curriculum even if they need the support of tier two or tier three interventions. In tier one, teachers will use different strategies within the core curriculum to address student needs. Students who are not progressing at a rate to meet end of year benchmarks in tier one, will be provided interventions matched to their needs. These tier two interventions take place in a small group for 90 minutes per week. An instructional support team will track students' progress with the intervention plan weekly. Interventions occur for a minimum of six weeks, but may continue as needed to ensure student success in the core program. The instructional support team may make adjustments in the intervention plan based on the student's progress. Depending on student need and progress, the team may change the intervention or increase the frequency, time or intensity of the intervention. This more intense level is considered tier three. Students provided with tier three interventions are placed in smaller groups than tier two, and the number of minutes increase to 150 per week. Monitoring student's progress continues on a weekly basis.

Crestview Elementary school recognizes that all students learn differently. We are committed to helping all students succeed. Therefore, we ask for your support in implementing this three-tiered approach to meet the academic needs of your child along with all students in our school.

We will continue to provide school-wide screening tools for reading. These will be administered to all students three to four times during the school year to determine the students who are at or above benchmark and students who will need supplemental instruction to meet grade level expectations. Students needing intervention will be monitored weekly using progress monitoring assessment tools. Data from these tools and a variety of other sources will help us provide students with the best instruction. Information from assessments will guide instruction and keep the school and you aware of how your child is progressing.

For additional information on MTSS, please visit the following website:

As always, do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher or Mr. Carmichael if you have questions or concerns.